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Regain Life Focus is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting Australians suffering from mental-health and addiction issues.

Via a variety of holistic programs, activities and network-partnerships, RLF strives to eliminate the stigma associated with mental-health and addiction, and help develop accessible, uncomplicated pathways to recovery.

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RLF was founded in 2019 by former AFL player and mental-health/addiction survivor, Mark Eustice.

Teaming with his great mates - Simon Madden and Wayne Owens, RLF began building into a bona fide resource to sufferers and their families. 

But the with the colossal strength of the groups's Australian legendary sportsmen/women and some of the greatest administrators in the country, RLF has the phenomenal potential to bring hope, help, and happiness to thousands of Australians. 

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Overseen by one of Australia's legendary business magnates - Ray Horsbourgh AM, and supported by respected administrators such as Simon Madden and Barry Capuano, RLF is on track to build a directorate based on strong Governance, transparency and performance.

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Our Mission


To build awareness, challenge social stigma and celebrate the role that recovery plays in improving life for individuals, families and communities.

To promote recognition of the biological, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of health conditions for prevention, assessment and treatment of all illnesses, especially recognising the mental health and addiction related problems that may be part of the causality and/or complications.

To increase awareness, access, support, accountability and integration of professional and community services for prevention, assessment, treatment and recovery of addiction and mental health problems in a network care framework.

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Our Values

All individuals, families and communities deserve the highest quality prevention, assessment and treatment services for addiction and mental health problems in a stigma-free environment, in the context of holistic – biological, psychological, social and spiritual – model of health and well-being.

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“Addiction is not a Police or criminal issue. It is a health issue and a community crisis. We all have a part to play. Our Australian heartland is in great danger if we do nothing”.

"And we can no longer meander with forums and discussion concerning mental health. The critical point has long passed. The time to act is now"

"I am a staunchly proud Australian, and I can no longer sit by and watch a catastrophe unfold. This Foundation is designed to hit the ground running, utilising our enormous network to inspire Australians to acknowledge, communicate and take decisive, educated action.

Our Agenda
The Issue
The Solution
The Impact
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The Addiction & Mental-Health

epidemic is having a devastating

impact on Australian communities

Education and awareness

prevention programs. Support

and rehabilitation programs.

Healthier communities.

Safer communities.

Taxpayer savings.

Our Aim
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In Person
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Our Goal
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Destigmatize Mental-Health & Addiction
Provide simple & uncomplicated Education & Information
Empower Sufferers to Connect with our Support Network
Provide our Programs & Activities both In-Person & Virtually
Implement Activities that cater for all ages and abilities
Provide crucial data through our research partners to help
all Australians

Ray Horsburgh AM



Read some of the experiences of

those who have participated in

our programs.


Click here to see photos from our programs, presentations and events. 

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Find out how to get involved with RLF, become a sponsor or contribute to one of our programs.


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