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A free educational presentation about “ICE” (Methamphetamine) funded by the Minister for Mental Health - TheHon. Martin Foley, the program was made available to sporting clubs and community groups across Metropolitan Melbourne.


Designed to provide scholarships to young people who are at-risk or are suffering from mental health or addiction issues. 12-15 participants will be chosen. Their club fees, equipment, uniform will be paid for by "Put Your Hand Up". Through the connection of sport we can open up pathways to awareness and recovery. 

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Mark's story is the the most harrowing fall from grace.


But far from being a tale of woe or being a victim, it is an incredible insight into how seemingly “normal” people can struggle, succumb and lose their way.


It is also a story of how with determination, proper diagnosis, correct treatment and the help of friends you can rise above it all and recover.


In one of the great comeback stories, he will openly and honestly share his lessons, candidly admit his mistakes and support you and your people to gain the awareness to notice, the courage to speak up and the dedication to care enough to take action.

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Program Objective: Through the Essendon Football Club Past Players Association, former AFL players will link with sporting clubs within the area to speak to groups and educate and raise awareness of drug and mental health issues.

 With support from our network partners we will be able to properly educate our target group about the risks of drug use and associated mental health issues.

Former AFL player and Founder of Regain Life Focus has taken the role of the Airport West Eagles and will lead the team in the Reclink Australia Victorian Football League.


ISN’s partnership with RLF will bring science and compassion together to raise individual, practitioner and community awareness, removing the stigma about mental health and to utilise technology to provide an affordable and accessible treatment model so that our entire community can access treatment that will change their lives for the better.

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In partnership with AFL Victoria and ISN Psychology,

RLF plans to deliver a multi-pronged approach to support Football/Netball Clubs across regional Victoria.

Utilising, live-events, virtual-events, information booklets and a dedicated interactive website, the program aims to educate the community about the drug ICE, and develop pathways to support.

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